How do we phone?

We all have used phones that do more than the feature phones do – they go beyond calls & messages. ‘Addicted to the phones’ would be an under proposition if we do not know – at what cost? We get 24 hours in a day and we utilise them knowingly or unknowingly. ‘How do we […]

It’s in your water stupid!

Coca-cola, NestlĂ© Maggi, Patanjali Amla juice cannot all go wrong at adding MSG, Pesticides, Mercury & Lead in your mouth. It’s our mother India’s water womb. We poisoned her. We contaminated her. We watched it silently when the e-waste was being disposed. We watched it silently when the rivers that recharge ground water where being […]

Gup-chup Gum-sum

Gup-chup Gum-sum lage mohey kaise yeh tere nain Mohe pi tere yeh nain Mohe pi tere yeh nain Ghan ghor ghata Kabhi chor piya Kaise yeh tere nain Kaise yeh tere nain Lage jee na kahi Lage jee bus tuhi Aise tere yeh nain Aise tere yeh nain

Trolling Nature

We are trolls. We trolled nature and found our key to survival. Then we drew lines, and called them lands. Then we fought wars and invented patriotism, and called our lands, country. We claimed & claimed & claimed. Now we seek to overpower and control and regulate. The silent seeker who was once a hermit […]

Life is great

Life is great; and its always the people around you that makes it great! Being thankful to those people who made you of who you are, is a powerful way of making your life more awesome. Courtesy has power. It is so powerful that it can breath a life into someone, at the same time […]