18,000 steps to Biodiversity Park

Yes, 18,000 steps


It was fun. I tried to twist my moto from – “ride to the green” to “walk to the green” and indeed the experimentation was successful.

I walked till here – Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity & Botanical garden.


It is a beautiful biodiversity park. With hell lot of  Flora varieties and is home to many birds.


I went with my Celestron binoculars with a hope to do bird watching.


It was worth carrying these 1500 gram of optics as I did spotted 4 species of bird in great detail (not including the crows, sparrows n pigeons :p)

A special mention on a red-horn striped-back species of woodpecker family spotted with unaided eyes just 2 feets away at a location aside the road, while the couple was busy pecking the dust!


All my pictures are geo-tagged. But I don’t know if you can access them through my pictures.

So, here is where I am on map.

(I was trying to take a screenshot on Google maps, but it seems it is not working.. The map is taking too long to load, so here’s my address – Gurgaon, Harayana, India)

Here is a collage of pictures taken using a cheap under $100 smartphone cam.




Trees, grasses & shrubsme


Me, me, & me

The park even has a well-maintained latrine (which is otherwise quite uncommon in India haha)


Outside the latrine was hosted a bulletin bearing a beautiful quote –


I don’t know if you enjoyed. I kept it brief. Partly cause my toes are tired and fingers are numb..haha..its damn cold here..due to moisture at 100% I could see my breath fogged up as I murmur through the words I choose to type..:)

Thanks for reading!



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