Climbing the Aravali Ranges

Yes guys, last weekend, I practised climbing Aravali hillock. All thanks to Bikat Adventures, who hosted the event, and special thanks to NDC (North Delhi Cyclist Club) who advertised about it through facebook. The Aravalli hills where we did rock climbing are located closer to Damdama Lake. Most people commuted in their cars, however three of us rode on bike. Being at Gurgaon, I was the closest to the spot, whereas many people travelled all the way from Delhi!

Screenshot of Strava App

Screenshot of Strava App

I got up early in the chilly fog weather (around 6:30am) and was happy to reach the lake in time. image4 The Smile on my face says it all! image5 I reached here, passing through some scenic rich fields of Abheypur village, and the fog glared up some real great romantic feeling:p image2 This is a lesson session, beautifully given out the Bikat Adventures, where they taught us how to identify grips, and what are different kinds of grips,such as – over-grip, under-grip, side-grip, pinch-grip, Thank-God grip and Oh-my-God-Grip. They also explained different types of gear, such as – Mirage harness, Screw Carabiner, a figure of eight loop clamp, rope and dry-power pouch for better gripping. image1 There were three beginner level climbs, of which the left one was the hardest, the middle one (though longest, was the easiest) and the right one was semi-hard. image3 This is me, on the semi-hard one. Though I couldn’t reach any peak, but the exercise of climbing them has made me hard. It has made me aware on how I should stress on my pull-up regime, to build the apt strength, which cycling may never impart me. I have started daily push-ups to ensure good strength, and most above to gather “confidence” for my next climbing session. Thank you for reading:) Keep Riding:)



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