Festival Of Kites!!!

Happy Uttarayana (a.k.a) Makar Sankranti to everyone!

Yes, today (the winter solstice) is celebrated as auspicious day for kite flying festival since long time…really long..

It reminds me to share my adventure, as experienced in 2010, when I was at Anand, Gujarat, completing my masters.

The day started with traditional Fafda-jalebi in breakfast & traditional Undhiyu-puri in lunch.. And true..we flew kite over terrace with loudspeakers on high.

Whenever a kite is cut by another kite-flyer they shout loud “Kai-po-che” Meaning “We cut it” and beat bailan on thali (beat steel utensil with a wood)

I remember that fateful day quite distinctly,. I went over my Alaknanda flat terrace with my Bengali (shy) PG roommate.

Our building had two wings..(the cutest of girl was in our wing, just saying) I gave him manja (a kite thread spooled on a cylindrical wooden piece) for lapeting-and-dhiling (traditional terminology to wind-unwind) since he was flying kite for the first time..


Traditional Manja (Picture taken from internet)

I logged our yellow kite mid air in sky..it was windy so it took good momentum and my benjali friend got nervous as manga was unwinding very fast..


Traditional Paper Kites (Picture taken from internet)

Suddenly ppl started beating their plates yelling “kai-po-che kai-po-che..!!!”

I was confused, as I gazed back at sky taking a momentarily pause from watching after my kite..and when it happened I saw several yellow kites in the sky..and I wasn’t able to find which one was mine!

I started shouting, “Lapet-lapet-lapet-lapet!!!”
And my Bengali friend became extremely nervous as he had to wind it at higher speed than he had unwinded :))

Suddenly, and from no where..literally, within a blink of an eye it so happened that..

My Bengali friend’s manja was rocketed high in sky and fell in next wing terrace (we didn’t knew where it went at the time).. And some red color kite landed in his hand from nowhere..!!!!!! :0

We both looked at each other…my bengali friend’s nervous face soon aligned for a smile and we laughed and laughed and laughed thoroughly for several minutes…until we found the owner of kite as he exchanged it for our wooden manja, which went mistakenly in his hand as he did pulled his kite too hard..! haha:)


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