From East to West: Cycling Across Turkey

The Wandering Nomads

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is not cure for cuiosity.”


As you already know, we really enjoyed cycling through Turkey as the camping was easy, the weather was great (mostly), and the people were incredibly friendly. Here is a summary of what we experienced through throughout those two months.

The Route

After entering into Turkey from Georgia (at the Batumi boarder) we decided to head straight south through the mountains (from Hopa, to Artvin, to Kars, and eventually, to Van), a region which turned out to be our favorite section of Turkey. We had beautiful sunny weather (October/November) yet it wasn’t too hot, and as we cycled over passes and into valleys, we were surrounded by trees of all colors with snow capped mountains in the back. From there we headed straight across Turkey which was a bit boring (monotone landscapes of small rolling hills without much vegetation)…

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