When you feel Depressed, just..

In life, whenever you feel uncertainty..

Severe depression..

and especially the “ab kya hoga” wala feeling (Translation: “now what will happen” like feeling)..do cry and vane..no problem..but after crying is finished..


do share a thought about child labour..

These kids work day-night w/o education..

Considering the level of competition we face, what future do they have?

Yet you see them smiling as their hands serve you…

Do you think its because they are not aware or bothered about their future / education..

Do you think they are careless, to be precise???

No, they are not.

Because,..”they are earning their own bread”

Then, how careless or unaware would you think they be?

Just a thought..

So, next time you feel uncertain / depressed, just take a break and relax to find where you are in this vicious circle of Life..

And believe me, if you are able to read what I write, certainly you are way ahead of those who don’t know how to read.

Do ponder.

Keep riding..



    • GreenRideBikers

      We can..talk to them about Indra Gandhi Open University (IGNOU) that offers 10th & 12th course regardless of schooling..get them books if you can.. Exchange your contact saying call me if u or friend needs any help with free education counselling..or learning English for that matters..

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