Paneer Barbeque

Yes, after grilled chicken, last saturday I went veggie to try and master the art of Paneer Barbeque.



We did this while gazing Jupiter’s moons. The recipe for cooking Paneer at Barbecue is simple and much like chicken grilling.

To start-off, you need to fire-up the charcoals inside furnace and wait until all of them turn red-red-red-hot. To get this done, put a layer of charcoal and place paper/cardboard, then put another layer and so on.. this helps charcoal lit-up faster..and while they lit-up, make sure you blow in air (in non-continuous rhythms) to rapidise the burning process. Further, make sure to shake the furnace wearing a heat-resistant glove, to ensure all of the coal catches fire.

Meanwhile, marinate your paneer (cheese balls) with curd, turmeric, garam masala and fresh coriander leaves powder.

Let it marinate for 45 minutes (well, that’s the time all coals in your furnace may take to become red hot, if properly lit, or else more)

That’s all, set them on the grill, after coals become red-hot (please donot keep them before, as fumes from coal may make Paneer black and may even spoil the taste) and turn-them-over from time-to-time.

It takes lesser time for paneer to grill than chicken meat. Let’s say, less than 30 minutes. You may make the paneer crispier if you like by cooking it longer. However, if so, then eat it straight away, as it gets harder very quickly after being pulled out from barbecue.

That’s it, hope you enjoyed, look forward to hear your experiences with Paneer at Barbecue.

Keep riding!


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