Where is the Spontaneity Lost:(

Yes, Spontaneity.

We all had this when we were babies. And suddenly we grew up to the terms of this world, and we lost it..or say we still have it but are too afraid to use it.

Spontaneity, while some others may call it “free will” but I donot want to confuse you with philosophically established terms as then I would end up making same mistake again – deliberate thinking (sighs)

These days, talking with people is no less than playing a game of chess. Doesn’t it ever freaks you out, when you are talking with people who think think and bloody think before they talkback!

Well, no harm, as I too do the same,,haha..but, the point is, till what point…doesn’t it ever bores you up (sighs)

So, to compensate, we end up getting attracted to finding this lost spontaneity in us, in Games, adventures, travels, sports, movies etc…just to search the thrill, the newness, the spontaneity, which we have made ourselves get rid off.

Its actually simple, we have messed it up, by thinking a lot; and thanks to the increase in worldly options today, we are in fact lost in doing thinking for every single stuff we buy and for every single word we speak and for every single penny we spend. What an apathy we have done to our lives (sighs)

Moreover, this process of thinking, I guess, has now gone deep into our DNAs..we do it almost unconsciously, killing the very spirit of spontaneity from our lives.

So what’s the solution (I am sure you guys are thinking this behind in your brains while reading this, well I cannot technically switch-off that part of your brain, nor can you:p)

I think,.. (freak!…I can’t believe I actually wrote that while suggesting you guys,.)

Okay, I suppose, adding surprises to your lives may provoke some genetic changes in this new DNA we made (laughs)

Surprise-quotient, Yeah, you heard it right..add surprise-quotient to your life..

Instead of growing intelligent-quotient, and emotional-quotient, lets generate this surprise-quotient

What is surprise-quotient?

Its the ability of your mind to accept and generate surprises for you in life.

The more you have in you, the more spontaneity you might find in you..

Remember one thing, its there in you, all you need is to provoke it!

With this note, I conclude, and I wish you all intelligent people the best in life:)

Keep riding!



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