I Bought a DSLR – Finally


At a mall (high ISO (3200) low light auto mode jpg 35mm, w/o flash)

At a mall (high ISO (3200) low light auto mode jpg 35mm, w/o flash)

Okay, Now I am not going to bore you up, posting heavy amateurish files of my JPG auto-mode clicks of DSLR (beacuse that’s what you do, when you get an ich to click pics for very-first time you catch a dslr in your hand, without knowing how to switch it on and so on)

So, to make the pain easier for you, I invite you all to please click below –


Thank you for your time

Keep riding!



  1. Mahesh Nair

    I like your camera especially because you are a beginner and want to learn by trial and error. It’s heartening to see that you are getting into the specifics of it, for example, when you say “I would like to take many shots of a single scene.” Keep at it, and when you are done with learning the basics, you may invest in a more sophisticated camera. Best!

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    • GreenRideBikers

      Okay..I really want too, but when i take picture on manual it comes dark, why is that so..May be I am not adapted to settings yet,,Yes, I am trying to learn with baby steps of how to operate on manual mode..I am really really excited at this.. Thank you for encouraging me Bondi:)


      • GreenRideBikers

        I got an entry level DSLR, as my main concern is getting good travel pictures.. Nikon D3100 is what I bought, I was told it most pro cameras shoot large picture files which are very heavy and are good enough for people in media who intend to make big posters out of their pic..for me, since I am a begineer, I would like take many shots of a single scene, in different modes and so on..mostly i will be learning as trial and error, so 14mp 15.1×12.4mm cmos sensor with 11 auto-focus-points seemed sufficient..plus, its was an affordable buy..again, I dont know about what 3fps and 4fps makes difference..mines 3fps and capable of picturing movies 1080HD with 24-30fps..

        What do you say:)


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