Conservation Photography Tools

Hmm, to start with let me give myself a rating when it comes to Conservation and Photography. On the scale of 1 to 10 I will rate me at 3 in photography and 5 in conservation science.

Reflections of a dying lake - Sultanpur National Park, India

Reflections of a dying lake – Sultanpur National Park, India

Is Conservation photography Science or Arts?

Photographing what is science and photographing how is the art. To know which subjects to photograph, you need to know a little about conservation science, different methods of conservation and reasons why the area/subject needs to be conserved.

  • Conservation Science: Loosely, the term often means an interdisciplinary study that deals with protection and care of art, cultural works and architecture. However, when used for biology, it is called biological conservation science, or biodiversity conservation.
  • Methods for Conservation: (I would highly recommend browsing from web for this) roughly speaking, Awareness raising methods, adaptive education tools and creating/maintaining protective areas are the prominent ways for conserving biodiversities.
  • Reason for Conservation: One obvious reason for conservation is if its scarce or when the subject is rare or say near to extinction. Another reason for conservation being high demand: Example –  resources like water, land and fuel have high demand.

Okay, so now that you have been brushed, lets look at some stuffs that we can do at our levels.

1. Write about things around you that you feel has a conservation need. In fact, to start with, research on web about areas / subjects in your locality that require conservation. You can know about these through local news directories or science magazines. Just hit the Google with right keywords and it will tell you. Now, write about things that appeal to you or are remotely related to you or your interests.

An Indian Pond Heron at Sultanpur Lake, haryana

An Indian Pond Heron at Sultanpur Lake, Haryana

2. Photograph it. Yes, pictures speak louder than words and action. Show a man knife and demand money, the success rate is 80%. On the other hand, show a man a picture and ask for money, the success rate is 2% or less. However, the prospect of earning money increases with time and when tallied up, the amount earned by Pictures is far on higher side than amount earned pointing a knife! Odd, but true. Why do you think some NGOs have more cash than the Godfathers in their locality (laughs)


My Conservation Tools

3. ‘Do it’. How? You know it better. Who am I to tell you what to do? But, yes, unless you do what you speak, you lose out.

I ride every day to my Office on this to promote Save Fuel Save Nature

I ride every day to my Office on this to promote Save Fuel Save Nature

I have posted all green messages on my bike, so whenever I stop at a traffic signal, the onlookers get a chance to read my bike, and my message gets delivered (smiles)

So, go ahead with your conservation science and if you are already a good photographer, try using your gift of art for conservation photography by turning to easy science for conservation practices in your locality. Know thy nature..

Always remember – “Nature protects if she is protected

Thank you for your time.

Keep riding:)



    • GreenRideBikers

      Mitza! I am following you, already seems you are into handmade jewellery and Painting, and you own a dslr and you like photographing flowers!

      That’s lot of hobbies for a young girl, I see 😀


      • taphian

        Thanks a lot for this nice compliment ( young girl, hehe). Wish it was true. But nevertheless you need some experience to do all these arts. I studied illustration for 4 years and later goldsmithery. And I love to photograph in our garden. It’s the quickest art I can do. Everything else takes many days. Thanks for following and have a wonderful day, regards Mitza


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