Everyone Loves Travelling, So do I

Yes, Last weekend I was at Anand, Gujarat.

Call it fate, or chance…I got robbed of my wallet at Delhi’s most infamous place – Chandni Chowk, and I lost my ATM/Debit card to it. Thankfully, the whole wallet was empty (I literally mean it, Not even a single rupee in it!) Poor thieve..hehe

I was quick enough to block the card, and surprisingly my Bank (Corporation bank) was quick enough to issue me a new ATM card. But to get that Card I had to travel to my branch, which was at Anand, the place where I mastered my Science…the fateful student account, which I continued and maintained for seven years and on!

Travelling Delhi to Gujarat @ Trivandrum Express

Travelling Delhi to Gujarat @ Trivandrum Express

I was excited to reach Gujarat, as that meant, meeting my old friends and a family at Anand!

So off I went, equipped with my DSLR, Binoculars, Tripod, adapters, Solar filters, My Tablet and my wishful Sony headgear.

I enjoyed the trip..it involved getting back my ATM card from bank, but it also involved – visiting a zoo! Two Lakes! Watching a sunspot in Sun, Stargazing! and visit to Science City!!!

Yes, all that to come in following write ups..stay tuned!

Keep Riding:)



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