2500+ Km in all!

Source: Internet

Source: Internet

It’s been six months past, I have been using my Hawk as My daily commuting between Office and room. Including the weekend rides, I calculated to find that the total distance tallies up to 2525km!

Thats an average of around 400km each month!

I know, the scores are low..however, in my capacity..its very motivating for me to know, that I have commuted 2500 km on my Cycle..

And yes, that makes me aware of another fact, that my cycle may soon demand some serious servicing…like changing tyres and all..so I have to be prepared for surprise punctures, if they happen!

Thanks to you all, to keep up with the blogs..

Keep riding!



  1. Anthony

    Sounds great. Keep it up–and never belittle your own achievements. You are not in competition with other people. You’ve made a great choice and you should enjoy the accolades–and yes, you’ll have to put up with wear and tear on the bike–but it will still be cheaper than maintenance on a car.

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