This was cropped from a shot taken on a Nikon D3100 clubbed with Tamron 300mm Li Di Macro placed over Simpex VCT 880 RM tripod and photoshopped for postimage processing of RAW file to JPEG and monochromed for exploiting sharpness within the pic.

The sharp bright points are the mountains of moon & dark circular spots are the craters formed over the years from impact of asteroids in space.

Exif Data:

Aperture: 5.6F
Exposure: 1/4000sec
Exposure Compensation: -5.0ev
ISO: 3200
VR: absent
Focusing: Manual
Focal length: 300mm
Cropped: +50%
Stacking: No

My next object of interest would be Jupiter with four moons.

Do throw in your suggestions, most welcome. If you have taken a picture of moon, feel free to share with a link in comments. I be glad to see them:)

Thank you for your time.

Keep riding:)



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