What Goes On In A Forrest?

A flock of  Jungle Barblers, having their time

A flock of Jungle Barblers, having their time at Sultanpur National Park, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Do you remember in your childhood days your school teacher berating you on a high pitch of tone with this – “Class! stop it! is this a classroom or a JUNGLE!”

Well, I am sure most of you do, as although we weren’t born like mogli, we have shared a childhood as being a mischievous child.

However, as we grew up, things began to change. We were being told, that we are becoming more civilized and we are doing well, and soon we will achieve what our fathers have may – women, wealth, prudence and a status in society.


After living first forty years of our life, we earn everything but orderliness.

By the time, we turn 40s, we are far more monstrous than we were as a child. We burn more resources, more fuel, more economy, and buy more trouble for biodiversity.

And then, comes a point, when we meet an Indian Guru, or some wise man, who claims to imbibe in us the quest for nirvana – the search for peaceful mind.

By the time we are in sixties, we begin turning to nature. We socialize with older people and try to catch up with cool costly sportive hobbies like bird photographing, trekking, forrest safaries.

It is only then, that we realize that the real jungle is far more orderly, than the concrete jungles, called cities we live in!



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