Happy World Endemic Birds day!

Yes, today is world endemic bird day. image Endemic means found only and particularly in a region and no where else in the world.


Every country has their own set of endemic birds. Today is their day. Let’s celebrate in little good as we can to help these birds feel special.

I have started my day by charging water into four earthen dishes installed at terrace to help birds beat their thirst this summer. image I pledge to refill them each day till summer passes and winter comes. I choose earthen dishes to help keep the water cool and drinkable for the thirsty birds. image One earthen dish is installed near the wash basin, where I had seen last summer birds trying their hard to suck in every drop that leaked through the closed tap. I hope this summer the birds may not face the same problem, as a the vessel will keep getting charged throughout the day as and when people use the tap.

Today, I along with my Science express friends have planned to visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary to do bird counting and meet other local birders and ornithologist who are expected to show up.

I shall edit this blog later in the day with pictures and experience.

Thank you for your time.

Keep riding:)



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