Endemic bird day birdwatching – An ex-science communicators reunion

Yes, last weekend was endemic bird day & a reunion of ex-science communicators was arranged at sultanpur bird sanctuary, Haryana.



We spotted many endemic as well as migratory species, such as – Sarus crane (mom, dad & baby) Peacock, peahen, coucal pheasant, green bee-eater, green-tailed sunbird (female), common hoopoeblack drongo, spot-billed duck, knob-billed duck, Eurasian spoonbill duck, purple heron, painted stork, greater egret, cattle egret, silt, ibisbill, red-napped ibis, paddyfield (oriental) pipit, white-throated kingfisher, red-vented bulbul, red-wattled lapwing, night heron, black- rumped flameback, Eurasian collared dove and butterflies.

Further, a nilgai was spotted with black drongo sharing a symbiotic relation.


Posing for picture

We were all lucky to have a good pair of binoculars to enable us see and identify birds.

Owing to hosting file size limitation, I invite you to check the above birds photographed here

Thank you for your time.

Keep riding!



    • GreenRideBikers

      Thank you Saya, for reminding me.. I had signed up for them via saevus fb page through google doc form.. but I completely forgot to upload my observations..and I didnt got any mail from them as well..

      But, just because of you now, I am uploading the data right now..

      Thank you so so much for reminding dost:)

      Below is the observation just for you –

      1.Spot-billed duck 20
      2. Green-bee eater 2-3
      3. Green-tailed sunbird (female) – 1
      4. Flameback – 1
      5. sarus crane (couple w/ offspring) – 3
      6. Isbilbill – 1
      7. Cattle egrets – 15-20
      8. Greater egrets 5-10
      9. Cormorants – 2
      10 black drongo – 2
      11. oriental (paddyfield) pipit – 1
      12. jungle barbler – 3
      13. peacock & peahen – 2
      14. crow pheasant – 2

      Liked by 1 person

      • Saya

        🙂 nice…and most welcome..here is mine though I didn’t find time to upload it..

        small sunbird
        red vented bulbul
        red whiskered bulbul
        oriental magpie robin
        black drongo
        black-headed oriole
        purple rumped sunbird male
        small sunbird male
        brown-headed barbet
        orange-headed thrush male

        Liked by 1 person

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