The Golden rule of Nature

Yes, nature has a golden rule. Its most visible yet missed by most who claim themselves as eco-friendly / nature lovers.

Nature teaches to those who seek, to those who ask and to those who observe..the one Golden principle, which is core to life –

Eat or be eaten

A true nature lover shall never try to disturb the way nature works. A conservationist is by far and large different from a pet lover. A pet lover might interfere with nature by attending a wounded deer in wildlife or for that matter any animal or creature s/he sees wounded. However, a true conservationist shall only attend/intervene a wounded animal if the specie whom it belongs to is endangered.

I may have a lot and lot to write, but then it may end up becoming a philosophical sh*t. So, just spare a thought to whenever you feel like doing something for nature. Think sustainability.

Thank you for your time:)

Keep riding!


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