The Golden rule of Nature

Yes, nature has a golden rule. Its most visible yet missed by most who claim themselves as eco-friendly / nature lovers.

Nature teaches to those who seek, to those who ask and to those who observe..the one Golden principle, which is core to life –

Eat or be eaten

A true nature lover shall never try to disturb the way nature works. A conservationist is by far and large different from a pet lover. A pet lover might interfere with nature by attending a wounded deer in wildlife or for that matter any animal or creature s/he sees wounded. However, a true conservationist shall only attend/intervene a wounded animal if the specie whom it belongs to is endangered.

I may have a lot and lot to write, but then it may end up becoming a philosophical sh*t. So, just spare a thought to whenever you feel like doing something for nature. Think sustainability.

Thank you for your time:)

Keep riding!


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The original purpose of this blog was promoting city cycling and popularizing urban green belt corridors, which it did for it's first one and a half year, since the year of it's launch - 2014. Now-a-days, that is, since the last two years, I haven't been city commuting on my bike, thanks to my city earning the world's most air polluted region title. And thanks to the redesigning of City roads, those are forked under construction since last six months, loosing a green cover of a whooping 9,100+ trees and the rising construction dust hazards. And lastly thanks to El nino of 2015 and El nina of 2016. I don't know if I have missed any other reason. The theme of the blog, hence, changed, into a bit of my own ramblings covering topics, such as - my travel blogging, Social issues in India, Climate change & biodiversity conservation.

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