Bikaner – A Traveller’s View

Last weekend on Saturday I was at Bikaner to witness Junagardh fort, well-known for its artistic construct and use of real Gold and silver used in for its design.

Look close its me!
Look close its me!

My image reflected at an ancient mirror fitted against the backdrop of Gold-worked window frame.

Okay, now before I begin with the fort, let me take you to someplace near Bikaner where I was lucky to reach in the morning hours. Its called Gajner Wildlife Santuary A.K.A Gajner Lake.

Gajner Palace

The lake hosts migratory ducks in winters and is said to fill the entire lake with several migratory birds.

The lake is governed and maintained by a trust, which has now turned the palace into a hotel. I was happy to be greeted by the dinning room with beverages inclusive of the entrance fee.

Booked a table with a window by the lake
Booked a table with a window by the lake
Rowing at the Lake
Rowing at the Lake

Okay, enough about it now, let me take you back to the Junagarh Fort.

Teerace view

The Junagarh fort was not made in a day. In fact, it was not made in one generation. It was constantly modified, redesigned and extended by more than three generations of kings, defining the rich taste of art each ruler had.

I was lucky to make a decision for a audio guide, which costed me just 200 bucks (INR) There are fixed markings at every section of fort with a number corresponding to the wave file in your handheld audio guide. Just click the file corresponding to the number and it explains you the entire history, art and cultural significance of the section.

The Badal Mahal - Interior
The Badal Mahal – Interior

A section of Mahal particular took my interest. Now to assess it, you really have to do one thing. Close your eyes, and forget all that you have known, TV, Mobile, Xbox, Gadget, Batteries and for that matter Electricity itself!

Time travel yourself to an era where Human had very limited means of entertainment, such as music, sculpture-making, ornaments, puppets, dance and clothings and furniture.

No malls, no paint manufacturing companies for your walls, no wallpapers, no colours for that matter. Now in that era, when you belong, skip a breathe, and have a look at the badal mahal, whose entire walls including the roof is coloured out into clouds – rain clouds in the marbel stones that are cool the moment you turn into them (I was at 40 degree celsius when I visited Bikaner ahem ahem..) So cool and soothing.

Inside, there was an assembly craved out into the wall with a cylindrical metal exhibiting a pinion hole. The audio guide explained me, how this yantra mimiced the sound of rain, when ear were placed covering it.

Amazing, ain’t it!

Okay, let me take you through some more pictures.

One of the passage ways..
One of the passage ways..
The King's assembly
The King’s assembly
Kings Ring
King’s Ring
King's sword
A captured sword of Akbar
The Artwork
The Artwork
An Art work on King's Assembly Door
An Art work on King’s Assembly Door
The Sword Of Akbar
A playcard described above sword – The Sword Of Akbar
This stuff actually opens and tears away the organs
This stuff actually opens and tears away the organs
Touf a.k.a cannon
Touf a.k.a cannon kept at the exit of the fortress
Ivory Armour
Ivory Armour
Armours arranged in circle
Armours arranged in circle

Awesome Pc

PS: There are many pics of armaments and artworks, which I might take more time, as I am finding hard to devote time to uploading pics. Please be patient. And thanks so much for following up with my Posts. it inspires a hell lot! 😀


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