Just for the Craze of it!

Yes, just for the craze of it. #JTC

I may not have to help you recall instances in life, where you may have done things just for the craze of it.

Periodicity is important in life. However, it may not be like a pendulum. A creative mind may see periodicity, like those of helical stairs. You repeat, but yet move to the next.

It is essential to have hobbies in life, just for the craze of it.

Hobbies that generate passion, hobbies that help you travel up to the next spot in your helical ladder of a so-called periodically-stable-life.

A change is just a medium for some.

Changes, take away from you the things you have, the things you may like cherishing. At the same time, changes impart in you new thoughts new desires new motivations.

There is no maths for how much new you need to add or how much of old you need to subtract.

Perhaps, the only key to a successful change is acceptance.

Philosophers and wise men, have often compared the power of acceptance to abstract qualities such as liberation, redemption, nirvana or moksha.

Denial is just an option, but acceptance is like a door-way to new stuffs that are lying ready to become a part of your life; a part of you.

So do something, every once, just for the craze of it. If you have ideas, pen it. If you have things, do them.. just for the craze of it.


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