Sustainability – The Flip Side

Sustainability is invariably a product when you learn acceptance and detach.

By definition, everything that exists after you cease, is sustained.

Sustainability is definitely not just thinking about future and acting.

Life teaches us on living the moment and not worrying about the future.

If you think your eating habit is going to make world hungry tomorrow, if you think your abstaining from needful/useful things and worrying over is going to make earth a better place, then you are definitely not thinking about sustainability.

Sustainability or sustenance is a mere term coined to make us conscious about our needs from the society/from the nature, at large. It is never meant to be an instrument of worry.

The expedited Climate change may be a subject of worry, perhaps due to human contributions in it. However, by definition, the climate change is itself a sustainable activity, which is not going to cease even after you die!

Let Climate Change and Sustainability be alone the terms to make you conscious about your acts and to streamline your habits / behaviours in a way that could tailor wastages or excess of your needs to bring a healthy change in your own lifestyles.


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