How Many Pollinators / Perennial Flowering Plants Do You Have Around You ?

Butterflies, bees, hornets are all pollinating agents. Pollination is important for cultivation and genetic health of a crop/plant. Pollinators are declining in numbers and have been accounted for several reasons so.WP_20151017_036

I counted around fifteen bees today near HBSC bank service road, Sector 44, Gurgaon in my Afternoon lunch-break stroll.

I was happy to see the count. The yellow flowers weed out over the entire 400 meter stretch, making it for an awesome stroll. However, the empty service road you see above is only available on Sat/Sundays and is filled with parked cars on the weekdays.

Flowering plants attract bees and butterflies. Opt for planting perennial flowering plants. Perennial flowering plants offer flowers all season of the year attracting pollinators in your area, leading to a health growth in their population.

Further, bees attract bee-eating birds like green bee-eater / blue-tailed bee eater increasing the diversity amongst bird population in your locality.

If you want to know how to plant a perennial plant, here is an article I found worth your reading.


Bee at work

Perennial flowering plants essentially support bees with food during times when crops are being prepared up. A crop may grow twice or thrice a year, however, these pollinators cannot rely on crops alone. They need support from perennial flowering plants.


A little effort by you can save food for bees and add to the food chain of life. Pollinators like bees, hornets and butterflies don’t bite us unlike vectors such as mosquitoes for blood. They are eco-friendly and non-disease carriers. Their existence results in more harvest for a community, as they help crops in reproducing which results in healthy yields and large harvests.

A small effort like this can grow large consecutively with time resulting into sustenance without your looking-into.


Go ahead with a small effort of planting perennial plant seeds in your locality, you may invest in weed flowers that require little water and support to grow.

Thank you for your time.

Keep riding!


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