Winter Birdwatch – Pictures from Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Last weekend, I was at Sultanpur bird sanctuary.

Holding true to its glory, it didn’t disappoint me. I spotted many flocks of birds, especially migratory birds who have settled in as refugees for the on-going spell of harsh winter in their lands.

I spotted Eurasian coots, Northern shoveler, Purple heron, Grey heron, Spot-billed duck, blue capped rock thrush, Cape turtle dove, Night herons, Painted Storks, Little drongo, Squirrels, Jungel babblers, Mynas, Red-vented bubul, Rose-ringed parakeets and crows.

I couldn’t spot the many others..

Following are the pictures –

To check my collection on birding, please click here

Thank you for your time 🙂

Keep riding!



  1. Dan

    You most definitely do NOT live anywhere near Iowa with those birds! Very cool. I’ve discovered in my American travels that every region has its own beauty, though, including its critters.

    Liked by 1 person

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