Insecto-files – Macro photography

Last weekend, on children’s day, I had the privilege seeing back world once again like a child.

I was at Sultanpur bird Sanctuary, Gurgaon, Haryana

It was a pleasant weather, afternoon time, winds gently passing across near the swampy lake.

My eyes glued to the branches, as I passed by the trees around the track laid by the lake, seeking for tiny feather birds, who eat bees and insects.

But as my eyes foraged into the meadows, I could not resist but see it up close what hides in the macro world.

It was my first time.

To experience the mystical beauty the arthropods possess, completely blind to the human eye.

Not because of physics or resolving power limitations of an eye. We very much can see what an average macro lens does. However, the real limitation, I guess, is the biological time difference between humans and arthropods like butterfly and dragonfly..They have a short-life span and they spend it quickly, collecting nectar, searching mates, lying in shades and swamping around the moist air searching for all in the few weeks of their life span.

The macro-world contains limitless beauty.

If you may find time, do ponder upon a philosophical question – What is beauty?

Its easy to brush aside the question speaking spiritual, like – beauty is God, or real beauty is inner bliss, etc..but believe me, whenever one brings in spiritual element in metaphysical qualities, you only temporally satisfy, fooling up yourself to have answered, but if you look back, you still may haven’t.

Like beauty, is charm.

Okay, enough of my ramblings.









Hope you all liked them.

Thank you for your time 🙂

Keep riding!


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