Dilli Haat and the Maha-Jatra

Dilli Haat is one of those few places in Delhi that assures newness every fortnightly.

Every fortnight, there is a new State celebrating their cultural customs, traditional cuisines and ethnic music on showcase.

I got a rare opportunity to be part of Maharashtrian fest called ‘Maha-Jatra’

The fest ended on Jan 31 last month.

I was able to get my hands on delicious Vada Pav with my friends.



With my friends.. having Vada Pav

Dilli Haat is at a walk-able distance from INA metro that falls on Yellow line.

Each entry costs just twenty bucks, and it is assuring to know that you may never be overcharged for buying any item, as most costs are fixed and bargaining is of little or no help.

Yet, I managed to get 3 Vada Pavas for the price of two…playing the Marathi-card of course 😀

Out of the many stalls, the one selling dead camel skin leather took my interest. I don’t know how ethical a leather good be. However, it is said, that these goods are made only from dead camel skins.


At the corner of the stage, we located three puppies cosily sitting over each other beating the cold.

And as we started retracing our journey back, at a corner stall I saw this –


It was the oldest videocamera on display from Mumbai studios (then called Bombay).

All in all, it was a nice visit. I may highly recommend to be in touch with them.

Thank  you for your time. Keep riding!


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