Mercury Transit

Hi, while browsing through the observing section at I came across an important reminder, which I didn’t want to miss like the last time I did seeing it.

March 9, 2016 is going to be a mercury transit!!! (totally excited face)

Mercury transit, means mercury (tiniest dot) would pass across the sun making it look like a sunspot moving across sun’s surface.

If we go by the visuals, it may appear as the most boring thing worth to be missed.

However, the event marks a reason to celebrate astronomy, as a subject and devise out gatherings to conduct star parties in your areas, to grab the interest of young minds and their curiosities about celestial events, space and astronomy.

That is what contains the whole-of-excitement.

If you are in India, you may be only seeing partial transition of mercury, as it would be seen in the setting sky on the horizon after 4:30pm till just about the sunset time, when the mercury (appearing as a tiny speck of dust) would have travelled just 1/4th of its path across the sun.

Following is a pictorial view of countries that may experience full transit. As in, these countries would be able to see mercury passing by the Sun in its entirety.


Image Source:

For partial transit (overlays) below


Image Source:

A well written article on the subject could be downloaded here

If you wonder how would the event look a little away from Earth in the space, then please open below picture


Image source:

I would really like to see what all things could be done. The above document gives broad ideas on the engagement sessions. However, a plan needs to be set in on how an event could be organized.

Send in your ideas, please if any. Would love hearing them.

Thank you for your time 🙂

Keep riding!

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