338 farmers suicide in Marathwada region in 120 days

Three days back a news reporting  65 farmer suicides in just three weeks, moved me.

Frankly speaking, I was not able to comprehend it. It made me put more of my mind into understanding something sane out of it.

And today, I come across this figure.. and Mind you, this figure is not referring to death of farmers in India. This figure is entirely about the suicides in one small region of one of the states in India.

And this is NO JOKE

It actually means, that in first four months of 2016 we have lost 338 farmers due to Suicide disabling another thousand members in their family.


Yes.. WHY?

This very question WHY ripped my mind throughout the day. It hurt me. I skipped my meal. (yes, but I had juice and coffee cups to stay alive)

And the more I tried to understand it, the more I was lost.

I feel the very essence of any economy or commerce of Nation are its builders, who lay their life throughout, and what do we as a nation reward them back with, DEATH?

I feel the direction that governs this entire..concepts..or whatever the F***ing politicians call it..is broken.

How can a nation live-on without caring about Farmers who produce them food which we unknowing buy from Value-adder of the Market (brands).

Everyone wants an iPhone, a cool life.. a wonderful stylish life..but at what cost?

Haven’t we enough killed our resources..to the extent of our blindness yet remaining adamant such to even human deaths?

By losing water, land, forest and biodiversity.. we are choosing to lose our humanity.

And once that is lost.. nothing..nothing can ever buy back..its complex and unimaginable.

And I damn you may get more shamed of.. after reading this which says 3228 farmers committing suicides in Maharashtra state last year.

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The original purpose of this blog was promoting city cycling and popularizing urban green belt corridors, which it did for it's first one and a half year, since the year of it's launch - 2014. Now-a-days, that is, since the last two years, I haven't been city commuting on my bike, thanks to my city earning the world's most air polluted region title. And thanks to the redesigning of City roads, those are forked under construction since last six months, loosing a green cover of a whooping 9,100+ trees and the rising construction dust hazards. And lastly thanks to El nino of 2015 and El nina of 2016. I don't know if I have missed any other reason. The theme of the blog, hence, changed, into a bit of my own ramblings covering topics, such as - my travel blogging, Social issues in India, Climate change & biodiversity conservation.

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