India’s Drought Disaster 2016

In a country whose population is 1/7th of the world, roughly 330 million people are reeling under drought conditions with monsoon (rainy season) two months away.

The USA population is 319 million. So it’s like saying a size population larger than of an entire USA is reeling under drought.

India has declared that its 54 Crore (540 million) farmers, as drought-affected.Source

Last year, 3228 farmers committed suicide in just one state of India – Maharastra. This year, just first four months have passed and 338 suicides is reported amongst farmers of Marathwada (one of the region in Maharashtra state, which again is just one of the 29 states of India)

The stock water capacity of the state has fell to less than 19% and within Marathwada it stands at 2%

No relief seen, as rains to come mid-june, that leaves us with 45 days of worrying. And even after rains come, it takes another two months of shower for dams to fill-in to descent levels.

A French photographer Zacharie Rabehi recently completed her tour of drought-affected states and collected stories from villages and farms, of droughts, suicide and of misery-fated people including officials who remain under the confusions for dealing with the situation at hand. Please take a look at her work, here

A Nobel prize winner, Mr. Satyarthi has requested Indian PM to declare drought as a national emergency to mobilize unspent CSR funds of 10,000 crore rupees (USD 1.5 billion dollars) lying with PMRF to good use. Source

Many factors are being said to be the reason behind drought-crisis a) the tail of el-nino b) India’s dropping ground water levels c) bad consecutive monsoon (rainy) years

But most importantly, we are missing at admitting, and for that matter finding, the human extend behind the cause.

Aptly said by Ms. Sunita Narayain, general director of CSE that 2016 Drought is not a natural disaster but a human-made.





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