The Tiger Temple Torture

Yesterday, I came across this heartbreaking finding of the 40 dead tiger cubs in a freezer at the Tiger Temple vicinity. The picture taken by wildlife friends foundation nearly broke something inside me and I was pushed lingering onto a faint faith on whether what they say about humanity is true at all.

Most among the dead cubs were 1-2 days old, and some were skinned-off. Flies roaming across their dead bodies speaking confessions of the torture the monks did at tiger temple.

I was shocked to no volumes. Shattered, and that feeling that humans have done this..’the monks’ at a temple have done this..was more painful than any.

I just googled for ‘what is Tiger Temple?’

To find reviews as old as 2 years by the Google reviewers; talking about the plight of tigers kept at Tiger Temple.

I couldn’t believe this. But it was true.

The TripAdvisor reviews, some as old as 2011, were all talking the same things.. and I was wondering why the F*** did nobody did anything about..

By the time, I had understood that the killing, freezing and trafficking of 40 dead tiger cubs was preventable and silently something in me spoke that the figure is far larger than just 40 as it has been happening for over more than a decade now.

The pain got swelled.


and finally I gave in to find what most people did about this while they knew about it..

And I came across a report on tiger temple by CEE4Life

and then I could see that what we found out today was a result of an effort in pursuit by these goodmen, few be it though, slow be it though.. to have eventually overturned..despite threats to their dear life.

The evidences collected from premises of tiger temple itself speaks volumes of efforts put by brave-hearts in compiling evidences against monks at Tiger Temple.

Then slowly-on I regained my faith on Humanity.

By today, I just want to acknowledge my deepest thanks to all the brave men and women who were behind busting the truth of Tiger Temple and exposing the monks.

And like you all, I too demand justice for the Tigers who have bear the plight for so long of our failures at being vigilant on our part.

(on 3rd May)

Unfortunately my fears proved right.. the torture numbers that came to the light were only glancing figures and not the total.

Today, as posted by Wildlife Friends Foundation on their FB page.


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