World Environment Day

Today is world environment day. Happy, it depends. Happy to stay hopeful, yes. Happy about what we have been able to achieve towards environment, no.

Our environment has issues, and all of them originate through us.

These are Global issues, yes. But do these need global solutions, not necessarily.

Today, Lets take out time, to see how in our capacity are we burdening environment. What is our carbon Footprint? What is our water footprint?

Lets read articles to find what these terminologies are, and where we fit in within the global average.

And when we are thorough assessing ourselves, we lookout for Handprints. What are handprints? How can we contribute? on what scale?

Lets not be spending today signing pledges online, or chatting with friends about catastrophes laying ahead. or venting out the ‘what-may-would-happen’ syndrome among peers.

Lets be realistic.

Lets google, lets find, lets learn and lets share.

Action comes never before acknowledgement. Lets acknowledge today, and make ourselves able to act.





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