Why to walk more than talk?

Living a healthy life is no secret deal. Its open out there. All you need to do is get outside your comfort zone created by our own perception of things.

Nature is both rewarding, and harsh. 

Once you are out in nature, you realize how infinitesimal a part you are. And yet you also find how resourceful and how strong you are to have overcomed what might have been obstacles.

Nature teaches us. We need to listen.

Health is not just a necessity, but an essential component of life. 

Lacking health is like lacking strength to live life. 

A simple yet most effective act is walking. 

Walking is not just an excersise; walking liberates you.

It mobilizes your soul. It drifts you into thoughts. 

It makes you find ‘you’

They say, Habbits define you. If so, then heatlhy habbits make you. 

Walking is a healthy Habbit. Choose to walking while you can!

Thank you for your time.

Keep walking! 🙂


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