Life is so precious

Life is precious. We all understand it. But do we really KNOW?! on an experiencial level?!..or to know does it takes  something like encountering a near-death experience or being held hostage or experiencing abusement/oppressions and denied freedom.??

No..we ain’t talking here about life as an asset & call it precious. Death is fine..being bonded is fine..being ruled and denied freedom is just fine..these situations can hardly add or subtract the preciouness out of life..yet alone make us aware that we have a life.

We are referring to such ‘preciousness’ and not the ‘dearly-life preciousness’

Life offers you to dream, and a chance to achieve them. It offers you to be happy. To do all that that can make you happy. 

Ofcourse, life puts different constraints on each of us, which are often infamously reffered as the ‘obstacles’ in life.

Some prefer calling them ‘the challenges’

However, the best part about life is that it prefers none over the rest. It treats equally; and on a delusional level, we tend to associate life with the constraints it offers and coin terms like ‘fortunate’ & ‘less fortunate’

Life is intermingled with happiness.

Research has shown that happy people live richer life than cacodemons. Richer in terms of the quality of life.

Life teaches us.

Living a life is the greatest lesson of all. We learn, we share and we care. Life is the greatest master of all.

So let’s take time out appreciating this glorious miracle called ‘life’

Lets filter it. Lets add some clarity to our livings..of those things we falsely associate as life..and celebrate over those things that make us happy in life.

Life is precious!

Keep living 🙂


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