Life is great

Life is great; and its always the people around you that makes it great!

Being thankful to those people who made you of who you are, is a powerful way of making your life more awesome.

Courtesy has power. It is so powerful that it can breath a life into someone, at the same time it is so strong that it can humiliate the most inhumane tyrant.

While being courteous, never become a victim of your own thoughts. Miseries dwell very easily into mind when we start expecting returns out of the little good things that we may do.

It’s natural. It’s humane.

But the key is clarity here. Having a clarity of mind is utmost important. What do I want out of it? The answer should exist. If it doesn’t then its worthless of all your efforts that you may put in to bring about any good in anyone’s life. Forget anyone else, without clarity your own life will get full of miseries.

Nobody gives us this clarity. We have to seek it on our own.

By constantly fidgeting through your own thoughts, ideas & needs we arrive at this clarity by ourself. 

Sometimes we walk (act) despite of the fog in our thoughts. We have to walk by faith. No other respite.

But then, when we walk, we make efforts to change from where we were to where we are.. and this change contains rewards for our each step..and we get them only when we choose to choose – to find, to seek, despite all the great fears of our failing.

When we make these concious efforts.. the fog starts to clear out slowly as we keep taking out little steps of faith ..and suddenly a pattern starts to emerge..and we choose the direction based on our likeliness to those patterns, such patterns are commonly referred to as – miracles.

I think i should stop here..

Cause I sense a pattern emerge from the start of my writing till now, the lines I wrote, the change that I have experienced has begun to pattern out. And I choose to set a direction to this by closing it here and moving on with some other work at my desk.

Life is great!

You are great!

Keep smiling 🙂



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