We weren’t born to live, we were born to be right

That’s exactly how I feel these days. Very difficult to say as why.

When people around you, well, most of them, try to act ‘just’..you know that the thing called righteousness is not waiting much far away from bugging you.

If we were born to live life, then there won’t have been any rules of engagement, I suppose. It’s not the culture I am accusing. It’s the ritual that we have created and accepted​, born unaturally out of fear and not through the usual route of causality – the will or the need. A ritual of being right and just.

Practicing constantly…days after day, months after month and years after year.

Culture teaches us to inculcate expressions through explorations and self-experiences. They were never designed to bind humans into the chains of rituals of a mere thought. They have stories with moral and custom that designs fear towards the result of one’s misdeed. And most above, they (and the many of) all teach acceptance, not blind faith. Rituals are the blind faiths, the blind spots that never help us grow more than what it takes to nuture our fears.
Blessed are those who remain untouched and such. The rest I suppose are like me, who lose it with time and surrender to the rituals of staying upright, hooked to the ego, anchored deep into their closets till the bones show up.

We weren’t born to live life, we were born to be right.

What happens to those, I wonder, who challenge the people like me who surrender mimicing the commoners; do they find bliss?


Is it so that the commoners who practice the rituals of staying upright never find bliss?


If not any of these, then does it even matter to live life than to live right?


(Big smile)

Here’s a story by a successful leader who runs Google. He calls it the cockroach theory

He has validated the same things I was trying to sarcasm here. But he did it in a far better way. Justily and rightly to be precise.

Why react, why respond?

What do we gain when we react or what do we lose when we respond and not react?

Above all, why is it more important to be right and justful than just live.

(A big contagious smile)


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The original purpose of this blog was promoting city cycling and popularizing urban green belt corridors, which it did for it's first one and a half year, since the year of it's launch - 2014. Now-a-days, that is, since the last two years, I haven't been city commuting on my bike, thanks to my city earning the world's most air polluted region title. And thanks to the redesigning of City roads, those are forked under construction since last six months, loosing a green cover of a whooping 9,100+ trees and the rising construction dust hazards. And lastly thanks to El nino of 2015 and El nina of 2016. I don't know if I have missed any other reason. The theme of the blog, hence, changed, into a bit of my own ramblings covering topics, such as - my travel blogging, Social issues in India, Climate change & biodiversity conservation.

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