The Conformity Syndrome

Why is he writing a digital diary full of ramblings pouring his heart out in vain?

Why do beggars beg for alms when they can get educated/skilled and work?

Why do people live in unhygienic slums when their gross monthly family income is more than any apprentice graduate’s monthly income?

Why do weird people exist?

Why some people do not conform to social standards set by the majorities, researched generations after generation?

Why do social disorders and non-conformities exist when we all know what conformity is?

May be all conformities are biased. May be there is no universal scale for truth. May be all standards are mere joke scribbled in books and minds of the scores.

Often we are so busy following the standards that we blindly discredit deserved merit to the surviving other halfs’, who exist, but not to us, as we nonchalantly choose to ignore the ones who do not conform. We better call them weirdos who lay outside the creation of our universe.

May be we fear losing our position by forsaking the conforms we adhere to. May be we know it all, or may be we know so little that often we find ourselves hating or liking same things at different times, and this freaks us out to the core, shaking us, to find constantly fidgeting between our conformities, as if we are trying hard to check back whether everything is normal about us. Sometimes by shaming those who fall lose from our universe of conformities.

Ps: Forgive me if I may repeat few words, as my vocabulary is limited as I’m typing on an out-of-the-age windows 7 phone browser and besides, I wasn’t any spell-bee champ in my schooling days either.

Often some of us like exploring the truth. Like real truth (it’s funny how truth may acquire an adjective ‘real’ to emphasis our version of it!) May be the conformities exist because we often find it easier to paint the world around us into black and white – the good and bad.

I see the old world conformities like a spiked graph, were majority adhered to a single conformity, cause any non-adherence meant death or extinction. With advancement of better facilities, science and care, soon the graph began to structure up like a Gaussian bell curve, where non-conformist co-existed in the society, albeit in less numbers be though. And with modernization in amenities, better health care, the graph looks more or less likely tending towards a square potential well curve, in other words, its just plateauing, like becoming flat from the once spiked and blunted peaks.

Is this good, or bad?

Who knows. In fact, we mustn’t care. The least we measure truth on the black-n-white scale of the good-or-bad, we save ourselves the real truth, which is ever accepting, ever embracing, ever diverging and ever changing. All laws are truth, but not all truths are laws. Laws governing nature seem constant and truth. However constant is never the nature of truth. The nature of truth is – Change.

The world has seen non-conformists in the forms of scientists, spiritual leaders or gurus aka babas’, emperors, sportpersons’, talent-bearers, business tycoons, technologist and others.

So next time we come across a non-conformist, we may not shrug, we may not turn our eyes away, and most importantly, we may not get scared by freaking out over their existence, their weirdness, their coolness, or their liberties or their miseries for that matter.


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The original purpose of this blog was promoting city cycling and popularizing urban green belt corridors, which it did for it's first one and a half year, since the year of it's launch - 2014. Now-a-days, that is, since the last two years, I haven't been city commuting on my bike, thanks to my city earning the world's most air polluted region title. And thanks to the redesigning of City roads, those are forked under construction since last six months, loosing a green cover of a whooping 9,100+ trees and the rising construction dust hazards. And lastly thanks to El nino of 2015 and El nina of 2016. I don't know if I have missed any other reason. The theme of the blog, hence, changed, into a bit of my own ramblings covering topics, such as - my travel blogging, Social issues in India, Climate change & biodiversity conservation.

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