We all love being loved

Love, is a strange emotion.

There are no take-aways in love. Love itself is a selfless act of giving, and it occurs strange because the love loves rewarding itself with love, yet selfdom stays disjunct from any desires or gains.

I love being loved, we love being loved.. but does love loves loving the love lovingly as loved?

Love is an act, analogous to a flow, always outwards, outgiving. But love loves attention. And may be so why love loves, loving the love, lovingly as loved.

It breaks. We all have enough evidences and can testify it against our experiences, when love turns into hatred or despise.

The fact that love is a selfless act is then an understatement. The statement ‘Love is a sacrifice’ is a distort, and so is ‘love is an act of kindness.’

The contradictions occur, because love loves loving the love lovingly as loved. To break this line and add more sense, love loves attention, love loves being acknowledged, love loves rewards, love loves love. Although love itself is an ever giving, outwardly act, the act sets a demand for a perpetual action, which although not evident, can be empirically guessed from one experience to another.

There is no conclusion or understanding to be derived. We best leave it to the things to decide and not judge. Likes and dislikes may change over time, the act of love may never cease and manifest in one form or the other.


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The original purpose of this blog was promoting city cycling and popularizing urban green belt corridors, which it did for it's first one and a half year, since the year of it's launch - 2014. Now-a-days, that is, since the last two years, I haven't been city commuting on my bike, thanks to my city earning the world's most air polluted region title. And thanks to the redesigning of City roads, those are forked under construction since the last six months, loosing a green cover of a whooping 9,100+ trees and the rising construction dust hazards. And lastly thanks to El nino of 2015 and El nina of 2016. I don't know if I have missed any other reason. The theme of the blog, hence, changed, into a bit of my own ramblings covering topics, such as - my travel blogging, social issues in India, climate change & biodiversity conservation.

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  1. Hi! I am relatively new in “serious” blogging and the more I get into it, the more I find it very. very interesting especially when I found your blog. Nice. I hope someday I could be proficient too with computers as I slowly leave the jurassic age. Thank you for liking my blog the other day.

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