Life is so precious

Life is precious. We all understand it. But do we really KNOW?! on an experiencial level?!..or to know does it takes  something like encountering a near-death experience or being held hostage or experiencing abusement/oppressions and denied freedom.?? No..we ain’t talking here about life as an asset & call it precious. Death is fine..being bonded is […]

World Environment Day

Today is world environment day. Happy, it depends. Happy to stay┬áhopeful, yes. Happy about what we have been able to achieve towards environment, no. Our environment has issues, and all of them originate through us. These are Global issues, yes. But do these need global solutions, not necessarily. Today, Lets take out time, to see […]

The Tiger Temple Torture

Yesterday, I came across this heartbreaking finding of the 40 dead tiger cubs in a freezer at the Tiger Temple vicinity. The picture taken by wildlife friends foundation nearly broke something inside me and I was pushed lingering onto a faint faith on whether what they say about┬áhumanity is true at all. Most among the┬ádead […]